MRU Business Advisory

MRU Business Advisory is an union of professional entrepreneurs with a vast experience on the market that has the delivery of results as the main goal, since January of 2008.

Our strategic purpose is divided in 5 segments:

1 – Accounting, Finances & Paralegal
2 – Personnel Management & Training
3 – IT Solutions +C
4 – Taxes
5 – Auditing & Corporate Transactions

Personnel Management now has a new specific segment. In the personnel department and benefits fields, we offer customized service with professionals that are constantly updated and trained.

In company and/or external Trainings are services that we are able to provide, always with the highest level focusing both mainly on technical and behavioral training.

Courage, character and ethics complement our behaviors and translate perfectly our attitudes and beliefs.

Providing our clients knowledge and last generation technologies is another big commitment. Building IT strategic partnerships with edge players is another important differential of ours. We act still with last generation Call Center services (+C).

In addition, with responsibility and extensive experience in unfolding tax legislation, MRU professionals are able to offer several services related to this tax sphere, highly relevant in our country.

In today's increasingly complex and globalized business scenario, we know that confidence breeds success. With our agile and fast-paced structure, we are allowed to offer Audit & Corporate Transactions products, always adding value to our customers.

Count on MRU ALWAYS!

Capture the clients’ focus and deliver results

Captivate our clients permanently

Team Work
Constant Training
Digital Inclusion as a way of creating shared value (CSV)