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 RM CLASSIS – School Management

Your teaching institution is also a business and must generate results. With processes and particularities, it requires a solution that goes beyond the academic control that surpasses the daily limits, school records and listings. Your company demands an efficient system of Educational Management that is able to transform information into results. Through the processes integration, we eliminate the rework, create a pattern of activities and anticipate answers, preserving the information integrity.

Some functionalities:
Registrar´s Office, Coordination, Board of Directors, Rectory (Multi-Campi series system and/or credits regime - Selective processes completely parameterized and integrated – High flexibility of parameterization to attend the reality of each teaching institution – Full students registration with their whole academic and financial life – Other functionalities).

Teachers (Evaluation creation and Grades typing – Frequency typing by day or by stages – Classes schedules preview and typing and Already-accomplished classes plan typing – Messages exchange between the academic community and employees – Information inquiry about the students and classes – Classes schedule chart – Classes/subjects listing – Other functionalities).

Students (Enrolment/Re-enrolment – Grades queries by evaluations or by stages – Query/Registered data alteration – School records complete preview – Complementary activities follow-up preview– Classes schedule chart – Financial extract query, including negotiations and renegotiations – Bank slip second copy, Other functionalities).


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